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It all started 3 years ago, when people from different companies here in Varna came together and decided they want to make a children animation series. It was a totally different ground for them. Yet they are 20+ years experienced animators, photographers, musicians, toy & inventory crafters and much more.

Miroslava Arnaudova had this briliant idea of making some of her wonderful toy to get alive and enter the stage. She had here inspiration from the all our beloved vintage toys and the feeling a Victorian era and Art Nouveaux brought us. Of home, family, elegance, beauty and things that lasts and matter. Real things. She wrote a story on which a team of 3 authors leaded by Svilen Ivanov made the world and the pilot script. Evo Genov added a touch of magic to create all the inventory and helped to build the sets. Planning and part of the building of the sets and lights were done by Stanislav Evstatiev. The music and sounds are in the hands of maestro Stratsimir Pavlov - and You should be delighted when You hear them.