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Sister of Fluke and daughter of Martha and Pippin. She loves painting and making up tales. She is in the middle of every adventurous or mischievous idea they both do. She loves Fluke very much. Lori is trying to take care of her brother, but the result is quite the opposite. She enjoys completing her brother’s sentences.


Brother of Lori and son of Martha and Pippin. Strong and fast. Troublemaker, but never does anything bad intentionally. Likes to make jokes and play games. He follows Lori in every adventure. Takes care of her, keeping her out of trouble. He is skillful and loves making all kinds of toys and devices by himself.


Mother of Lori and Fluke. Nice and always smiling, no matter what. She makes beautiful clothes for the Cottonwhites (the most distinguished family in the forest) and for the other animals living in the forest. In return, she receives books and sweets for her children.

Usually she works at night, because she spends her daytime with Lori and Fluke, playing with them and teaching them how to read and paint.


Husband of Martha and father of Lori and Fluke. Kind, caring and very patient. A carpenter who always dreams big and is ready to start an adventure. He does all kinds of repair to wooden objects for the forest animals. Makes toys and beautiful wooden things.

A natural-born adventurer. He dreams of seeing the world beyond The Great Mountain, at the end of The Forest.