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Meet the Plushon family and their magic Button

The rabbit family Plushon consist of hardworking dressmaker mother Martha and carpenter father Pipin and their children – the smart and charming sister Lori and brave, but trouble maker smaller brother Fluke. They live in a house under an old tree not too far from the rabbit village.

There is a magic button that carries a story of magic from the times of their grandmother Clara. Now Lori and Fluke try to find out more about the magic of the button, and discover that the power of a caring and loving heart and believing in your own abilities is the strongest magic in the world. In different situations they are challenged to overcome their fears and find the meaning of love, friendship, family and ruth.


The main characters in every episode are the soft plush rabbits Lori and Fluke, frisky and naughty, but good kids after all. They evoke soft, warm and cuddling feelings.

As all kids do, they sometimes make mistakes and cause troubles, but always try to fix things, because they are good at heart. They find themselves in funny situations or face impossible riddles, but always find a way out alone or with the help of their parents. Step by step, they learn new things about the world and find patience, courage and skills to overcome everyday challenges.

The story about The Magic Button, Lorry and Fluke is told in 12 episodes (20 minutes each). Each episode is a separate story with exposition, rising action, culmination, falling action and ending.


The series main objective is to tell amiable stories about two little rabbits, whose behavior in different situations could be a good example for kids in real life. Each episode sends out a subtle message about human values as goodness, tolerance, care for nature and kin.

We wish to share our rabbits’ family world of good relationship and support not as a didactic tale, but as an amusing story, full of laughter and music.

We try to make simple stories with lively characters and sane dialogue, escaping virulent comments, showing off or moralizing. This is an ordinary family whose members care for and help each other, the children love and respect their parents.